At our company you will find that the keys for all models of armoured doors, have patented (protected by duplication) and exclusive* for SIAMO ‘key profile’. This practically means that you can duplicate your keys only through SIAMO, and only under the presentation of the initial key, the owner’s identity card and the ownership card that is given to you during the door installation. The ownership card comes with every cylinder and has a unique for every cylinder code/identity of the key profile according to which the duplication could be done.

SIAMO does not keep records of key codes for the doors that installs. The cylinder, the keys and the ownership card are handed in sealed during the installation of the door, as they are received by the respective cylinder constructing companies we work with.

Despite all the above, the truth is, that every key regardless of the patented and complicated profile of protection, it could be spitefully and illegally duplicated in the hands of a specialized technician and for this reason we have to protect and secure our keys like we do with our bank cards. In case of theft or loss of our keys, it is necessary to replace the cylinder.

It’s worth mentioning, that the patented profile and the potential of key duplication, is solely a quality characteristic of a cylinder, but not the only one.

A cylinder,  to provide safety, must firstly meets certain anti-burglary specifications like anti-pulling, anti-drilling, anti-bumping e.t.c.

Unfortunately, in the market there are cylinders with ownership card and patented profile that do not respond to safety regulations.

In simple words….

There are 3 categories of cylinders and keys,

those that ARE duplicated and ARE violated,

those that ARE NOT duplicated but ARE violated and those that

ARE NOT violated and ARE NOT duplicated.

Sincerely and with respect to the buying public,


*Every company that constructs cylinders, patents for the specific model of cylinder specific constructing characteristics in the form of keys (number, shape, depth of pin, etc) and their combination creates a unique profile for each cylinder.

Our company maintains the profile exclusivity of every cylinder that uses. The patents of ownership for key profile are in effect for a certain time period. We strongly recommend to keep yourselves informed in relation to all the updated models of locks and cylinders.

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