SIAMO was founded in 1977 by brothers Vasilis and Christos Siamos. We are engaged exclusively in the manufacture of armored security and fire safety products and safes. We have privately owned facilities located in the industrial area of ​​Elaionas-Thiva, showrooms and integrated network for delivery and installation of all products we manufacture by installation crews we oversee ourselves, and authorized dealers throughout Greece.

At SIAMO, we took our first bold steps in 1979 and built the first security door in Greece, going against the preference for imported products prevalent at the time.

We are the first Greek company to manufacture and release five different security models, while strictly complying with European and international regulations and in accordance with EN 1627.11, EN 1630, EN 1522 and EN 1523 standards.

Over our 40-year history, we have been repeatedly certified to ISO standards for design, manufacturing and installation of our products, and hold certifications for security and bullet resistant doors to FB4NS and FB6NS classification.

An integrated team of designers, engineers and technical experts specializing in security construction and locks leads the development and testing effort, implementing internationally recognized production standards and SIAMO’s registered patents.

SIAMO’s lab team was the first to announce, in 2005, the results of research conducted with prominent technicians and ELF members that found key-based safety locks are no longer reliable, forcing many locksmiths in Europe and elsewhere to make radical upgrades.

We work with recognized foreign manufacturers who guarantee high quality and advanced technology.