The initial use of safe type keys, was only for safes.

Over time security locks were manufactured with such type of keys and were installed in armoured security doors.

In our days these locks do not provide any kind of security. The laboratory team of SIAMO, in 2005, was the first to announce the results of research in collaboration with eminent technicians, members of ELF, that the security locks with safe type key are no longer reliable, forcing several key manufacturers around Europe and not only, to radically improve their products. Since 2008 our company has discontinued the old locks and has replaced them with new generation locks with small key (see LOCKS), modern high security cylinders (see CYLINDERS) and authentic defender for the cylinder’s protection (see DEFENDER). Ever since we are constantly trying to improve our products as we always want to be one step ahead of every method that burglars use.

As the replacement of old locks with locks of new technology is essential, we strongly suggest to the buying public that has to be particularly mindful according to locks of new generation that don’t meet the safety specifications, cylinders with no antiburglar characteristics and Defender that protect the cylinder which are simply bolted seals on the door.

You should ask and be informed about the technical characteristics of a product and trust well known and reliable companies with security systems. You shouldn’t risk the safety of your property.

Keep yourselves updated by the specialized technical staff of SIAMO about the procedure and the cost of replacement.

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